2001 Gothenburg, Sweden. Kim Simon, John Linden & Micael Grimm form Supergroupies.

2002 Supergroupies writes songs, records demos, does gigs at local clubs and puts together promotion materials in order to approach music labels.
The official website is constructed.
Supergroupies start working with photographer/artist Ola Johansson.
Various lead guitarists play with the band, but Supergroupies remain a trio.

2003 Supergroupies records a four song demo with producer/guitarist Kee Marcello (Europe, Easy Action). Marcello sends the songs to his former U.S. based manager, Sandy Einstein (Journey, Europe, Mr.Big). Einstein travels to Sweden for a showcase concert and is hired to become the band's manager.
Supergroupies produces a DVD presentation with director Patric Ullaeus. The DVD includes a live concert and band member presentations.

2004 Supergroupies signs with Victor Entertainment/JVC Music Japan.
The band records their debut CD in Gothenburg, Sweden with producer Kee Marcello. Lead guitarist, Andre Daniel joins the band.

2005 The band's self-titled debut CD is released in Japan and Asia. Supergroupies shoots the video for the song Bouncin' with director Ola Johansson.
In September, JVC releases a "Special Edition" of the original CD, featuring a new cover/booklet, a second bonus track, and the video for Bouncin'.
The four piece band travels to Tokyo for live shows and promotion. The band makes a special acoustic appearance at the Swedish Embassy.
Andre Daniel leaves the group.

2006 Supergroupies signs with Livewire/Cargo Records UK for the European release of the debut CD.
Gothenburg lead guitarist Leo Hanson joins the band.